Vascular and Interventional Neuroradiology

Our neurovascular research projects focus on:

  • Pre- and postinterventional MRI imaging using quantitative blood flow measurements, vessel wall imaging and high-resolution MR-angiography to facilitate treatment planning and monitor treatment outcome

  • Evaluation of endovascular methods and treatment outcomes to increase understanding of the underlying pathology and the effect of treatment

  • Improving efficacy of mechanical thrombectomy in acute stroke

  • Hemodynamics and biology of cerebral aneurysms

  • Understanding and treatment of cerebral vascular malformations

  • Participation in multicenter clinical trials

Our researchers collaborate closely with the clinical neurodisciplines and neurosciences at the USZ, the UZH, and ETH, as well as with other national and international cooperation partners.


​PD Dr. med. Zsolt Kulcsar
Leitender Arzt
Tel. +41 43 253 80 61

​PD Dr. med. univ. Tilman Schubert
Oberarzt meV
Tel. +41 43 253 89 99

Selected Publication:

Peak velocity measurements in tortuous arteries with phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging: the effect of multidirectional velocity encoding. Schubert T, Bieri O, Pansini M, Stippich C, Santini F.; Invest Radiol. 2014 Apr;49(4):189-94. LINK

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